Welcome to NAIDOC Week playlist featuring 10 x conversations that will help grow your learning of Indigenous culture and connection

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  • Paul Callaghan | Aboriginal LORE

    What is Aboriginal LORE? What an insightful conversation with Indigenous leader Paul Callaghan who helps break down the difference between Aboriginal LORE and the law. We 100% recommend listening to this conversation and learning something new!

    Want to find out more about 'The Dreaming Path'? b...

  • Paul Callaghan | The dreaming path

    What is 'The Dreaming Path'? This may be the conversation that improves your happiness! In this conversation Paul talks about how we need to find the magic in everything we do


    Paul Callaghan is an Aboriginal man belonging to the land of the Worimi people which is located one hour n...

  • Shelley Reys | Indigenous cultural competency

    What role does your business have to play in developing an Indigenous Cultural Competency? Shelley Reys AO opens up on how we can build a collective understanding of how we can move forward together


    Shelley Reys AO is a Djiribul woman of far north Queensland and a lea...

  • Dwayne Bannon Harrison | Welcome to Country vs Acknowledgement to Country

    In this short snippet hear from Dwayne Bannon-Harrison on the difference between a 'Welcome to Country' & 'Acknowledgement to Country'.

    Dwayne is a Yuin-Ngarrugu descendant with connections to the Yorta-Yorta, Dja Dja Warrup, Watchabolic & Gunai language groups. Through 10 years of dedication i...

  • Dwayne Bannon Harrison | First Nations people in a modern Australia

    This conversation from Dwayne Bannon-Harrison on what a modern Australia should look like for First Nations people is thought provoking and powerful for businesses & political leaders.

    Dwayne is a Yuin-Ngarrugu descendant with connections to the Yorta-Yorta, Dja Dja Warrup, Watchabolic & Gunai...

  • Jock Zonfrillo | Indigenous food

    Jock love to support and build awareness around Indigenous culture and food. He shares in this episode his initial perceptions of Australian and how he has helped catalogue 1000's of bush tucker ingedients with Indigenous elders.


    Born in Glasgow to an Italian fathe...

  • Ken Duncan & Ray Martin | Take time to listen

    Ken Duncan and Ray Martin talk about Walk A Whiles philosophy & how much we can learn from the Aboriginal community if we just sit in the dust and listen to their stories and words. Find out more about Ken & Ray below:


  • Pam Young | The apology

    Auntie Pam explains what 'The Apology' actually meant to her and other survivors of the Stolen Generation. This is a moving moment that we will always remember in Cuppa.

    As a baby, Pamela Young and her two sisters were taken from their mother and sent to live with foster families as part of...

  • Joe Williams | Indigenous culture & connection

    When in comes to understanding Indigenous culture, Joe doesn't like to trigger people, he likes to evoke thought and this one will get you thinking!

    Joe Williams is a proud Wiradjuri/Wolgalu, First Nations Aboriginal man born in Cowra, raised in Wagga NSW, Australia. Joe played in the Natio...

  • Ian Hamm | Changing our attitude to the indigenous community

    Ian shares why we need to see the Aboriginal community as an unleashed potential and not a burden. It is time to change the narrative and find ways to learn more instead of trying to problem solve. Find out more about Ian below:

    Ian Hamm is a Yorta Yorta man from Shepparton in central Victo...